Player Expectations Agreement

  • I will encourage good sportsmanship from fellow players, coaches, and officials.
  • I will do the best I can each day, remembering that all players have talents and weaknesses the same that I do.
  • I will treat my coaches, opponents, and officials with respect.
  • I will play by the rules.
  • I will not distract teammates at practice and during games as we are all there to learn the game of soccer and have fun.
  • I will control my temper, resisting the temptation to retaliate, and ask for a sub if I need a moment to collect myself.

Parent/Guardian Expectations Agreement

  • I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, game officials, spectators, and opponents.
  • I will allow the coach to be the only coach. I will not try to coach from the sidelines during games.
  • I will work with the coaches if my child has challenging behaviors or difficult temperaments recognizing the coaches are volunteers and not necessarily trained in this area